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Welcome at Berg Demandt Hierstetter Allgeier defense lawyers!

We are a law firm specialized in criminal law in Mannheim. We represent you in all kinds of criminal proceedings throughout Germany.


In case of an arrest or if you are becoming subject to another sanction, such as a house search etc., we advise you to call us immediately and to not talk to the police.

Every accused has the right to get legal advice by a criminal lawyer at any time. Due to the fact that we can take considerable influence on the criminal investigations particularly at the beginning of these investigations, you should get legal advice as early as possible. Call us immediately, especially before a first interrogation.

Please find following our emergency numbers to get in touch with us 24/7:

Inga Berg (Attorney-At-Law):

0049 163-2 00 42 92

Friedrich Demandt (Attorney-At-Law):

0049 157-52 15 41 40

Carolin Hierstetter (Attorney-At-Law):

0049 151-41 94 21 92

In other cases you can reach us from Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 19:00 under 0049 621 43 85 70 71.

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